What I do
I research products, create memorable experiences, and design effective strategies to connect people to brands and organizations
Whether you are in the early stages of your product and need explorative research or are in the later stages and need to validate prototypes I can help you craft surveys, moderate usability tests, and recruit users to ensure you get the insights you need.
I have led cross product research projects, talked to tons of users, and delivered research reports to a variety of team dynamics for various companies.
Creating Experiences
Having worked on multiple digital products that have millions of users, I can help you craft competitive experiences for mobile, web, and even interactive displays. I work with Figma, Sketch, Invision, and Axure. 
I have been involved in major app redesigns, SSO integrations, MVP creations, and web UX optimization projects to name a few.
Designing Strategies
I have been a part of many teams. From small scrappy startups to professional corporate Agile teams. I can help organize your project in regards to both DesignOps and ResearchOps. This involves asset management, design structure, and even setting up repositories for research insights.
Organizations I have been involved with
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