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Get a simple plugin that lets you choose between ux design or research whiteboard interview questions from Meta, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Google. Each challenge generates a prompt as well as a desktop or mobile artboard for you to get started with
The UXR Toolkit is designed to help an individual plan and execute research activities in their organization. For those newer to UXR, it can help you organize your research efforts to align with professional practices. This template can be used right away in a professional organization.
• 12+ Templates
• Discussion Guides
• Tons of examples
• Slideshow Templates
• Case Study Templates
• Step by step guides for research methods
• 30+ starter questions in question bank
Use this easy research template to make research reports or case studies! Simply plug in your data and export as a pdf or use your web design skills to add it to your site
Are you a beginner UX designer or researcher and are wondering about who you'll be working with? This file contains empathy maps for your product manager, design manager, and developer. 3 people who you will be working with a lot. This file also contains a stakeholder map breaking down the main people you'll be working with in your org!
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