Looking to get into UX Design or Research?
As an experienced UX researcher and designer with a passion for mentoring, I believe that I can offer valuable guidance and insights to new designers and researchers looking to advance their skills and knowledge in the field. I have had the opportunity to mentor over 100 individuals, and have received positive feedback from those I have worked with. My dedication to mentorship has also been recognized by the industry with my inclusion in the top 100 mentors on ADPLIST for 2022. I believe that sharing my experience and knowledge can help others to grow and develop in their careers, and I am always willing to offer my support and guidance to those who are eager to learn.
Free - these are limited 30 min sessions
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Paid - opens up more calendar slots and we can do deep 1 hour sessions which range from interview practice, portfolio reviews, strategy discussions or anything else applicable that I can help with. You also have access to me for 1 on 1 messaging and on going questions/follow ups.
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Want me to train your team?
As a seasoned UX researcher and designer with several years of experience in the industry, I am well-equipped to help businesses develop their design and research practices. My experience working with a variety of clients, including the Oklahoma City Thunder, LA Phil, XE.com, Bank of Montreal, and IBM, has given me a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing businesses in today's market. I have a proven track record of success in conducting research and designing products that meet the needs of millions of users.
In addition, my ability to mentor new designers and teach UX design courses showcases my ability to effectively communicate my knowledge and skills to others. I am able to provide guidance and support to businesses looking to improve their research and design practices, and help them to develop user-centered design process, understand their customers, and create products that meet their needs.
Overall, I am confident that my skills, experience and approach make me the ideal candidate to help businesses develop their design and research practice. I am committed to working with businesses to understand their unique needs and goals, and to help them create products that are effective, user-centered, and meet the needs of their customers.
👉 Book a session through my contact form with the subject “Help”
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