My Role: Lead UI/UX Designer - Studio: Acid Integrations  Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Zeplin

A Behind The Scenes Look At The Project

How Do You Say 'Thank You' For 10 Seasons of Support?
The Oklahoma City Thunder approached Acid Integrations to help them in executing on a fan campaign that would help fans show their OKC spirit, and give them a chance to show their pride at the Chesapeake Energy Arena Center. The focus of the campaign would be tied to the hashtag: #MyThunderStory
My role was to lead the design work and come up with the look and feel of the campaigns website, and also design the two displays that would be put up at the arena. I also designed the Central Management System. 
Building a 360 Degree Fan Interaction Campaign 
When working with a high profile brand like the Oklahoma City Thunder, things like type and color were already selected for us to implement. Image assets and logos were provided as well. It was then up to us to take these rules and shake things up.
The campaign design was centred around the fan. We frequently included fan photos and stories that would allow others to feel a sense of community, and prompt them to tell us what OKC meant to them.

Utilizing A Content Management System
To filter stories, we created a CMS for optimal efficiency. I designed 2 versions of the CMS. The first was for administration. They had the ability to view incoming stories, and accept/reject them based on compliances to campaign rules. Admin could also add tags to the stories, so that they could be retrieved easily incase they wanted to updated the screensaver with specific images. For example, creating a screensaver with photos of fathers and their kids if it happens to be fathers day. Other features include providing campaign statistics and more top-level data.
The other version of the CMS was made for on-site employees. Their goals were primarily to help on-board fans, take photos, and keep track of current user interaction metrics. The employees would be utilizing this CMS via provided ipads.

Connecting It All via Digital Signage
The website and central management centre were designed to support the two newly created digital displays at the OKC's home arena. The first display is called the "Mosaic Shield." The OKC logo is displayed as a mosaic, made up of fan photos. Fans can search for their name and the animated screen will zoom into their photo and stats. 
The second display is called the "Interactive Locker Room Display." This wall allows fans to experience a customized locker room that features their name and stats. Fans can swipe for other customized backdrops, which they can take photos with and can then be featured on social media. 
This campaign had two primary goals. 1. For the OKC to let the fans know they appreciate their loyalty. 2. For the fans to come out and show the world why OKC is their favourite team. I believe the campaign does a good job in doing this and I hope the displays will always have a home at the Chesapeake Energy Arena Center.

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